Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Jasmine Symone is Ebony Beauty in White Bra and Panties

When you get a good look at *Jasmine Symone*, you realize that you are seeing
an amazing beauty. This ebony enchantress stuns the eyes with perfection. Her
slender curves of creamy skin dazzle the eyes. You can tell that this
*Playboy Amateur* has a great deal of talent that is still waiting to be
discovered and it would be in your best interest to keep your eyes on her and
see where she ends up next. Whether in a flowered dress or lace lingerie,
Jasmine Symone shows her class and charm, as well as her natural beauty. When
she smiles at you and flashes those big brown eyes, you know you will never
get enough of the view. With a woman like Jasmine, there's no such thing as
enough. Jasmine Symone bio Measurements: 32B-24-38 Height: 5′ 5″
Birthplace: Dallas, TX Birthday: November 12, 1989 Enjoy more nude photos of
Jasmine Symone inside the Playboy Cyberclub Join Jasmine Symone at Playboy

Victoria James Delights the Senses in Her Lingerie

When you see *Victoria James* in her hot bra and panty set, you can't help
but notice how fresh faced and gorgeous she is. This *Playboy Cybergirl* just
loves to play dress up and get the attention of others, and she knows exactly
how to do it. Whether she's modeling in clothing or out, Victoria James
always puts her best foot, and smile, forward. This brunette babe believes in
letting her inner light show out into the world, and that's what makes her
even more beautiful the more you look at her. Keep your eyes on this one,
because this lovely lady has more tricks up her sleeve for us all and we
can't wait to see what she does with them! Going from Playboy Amateur to
Cybergirl is only the beginning for this beauty! Enjoy more nudes of Victoria
James inside the Playboy Cyberclub Join Victoria James at Playboy

Kim Kardashian – cleavy candids

Kim Kardashian see-through (to bra) at the Fort Lauderdale airport in Florida

Morena Baccarin Goes Topless on Homeland and other Daily Links

. *Morena Baccarin* Goes Topless on Homeland (Taxi Driver Movie) *Holly
Peers* is Awaiting You in 2013 (Laxtime) *Amelia Jackson-Gray* from The
Campaign (Nudography) *Jenny McCarthy* – exercising at her home in Chicago
(Hot Busty Celebs) *Alice Eve* Shows Promise In Bikini Pics (CelebJihad)
Facebook Deletes *Woman's Sexy Elbow Pic* (Peeperz) *Cosmid* - Introducing
Bexie (Sensual Girls) Busty brunette babe *Milena*'s naturals (Tempting
Angels) Busty *Codi Carmichael* (Pure And Sexy) *Carlye Denise* – Vintage
Voyeur Photoshoot (TBB)                        for more
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Jennifer Nicole Lee – Thong Bikini Photoshoot Candids

Jennifer Nicole Lee wearing string thong bikini in Miami

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hot Links

. Supermodel *Cindy Crawford* Bikini Pokies (Taxi Driver Movie) *Amelia
Jackson-Gray* from The Campaign (Nudography) *Maria Menounos* Spray Tan Video
in her Bikini (Laxtime) Facebook Deletes *Woman's Sexy Elbow Pic* (Peeperz)
*Alice Eve* Shows Promise In Bikini Pics (CelebJihad) *Michelle Keegan* –
bikini candids (Hot Busty Celebs) *Ashley Smith* topless photoshooting
(Paparazzigr) *Luna Castilho* looking so damn sweet you'll squirm (Brosome)
*Hannah May* by Rebecca Naen MQ Photo Shoot (ITR2010) *Kate Upton* Staring
Contest (YesBitch) *Carlye Denise* – Vintage Voyeur Photoshoot (TBB)
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Playboy Babe – Jasmine Symone

Jasmine Symone - Brown Sugar Photoshoot

Jessica Chastain – GQ Photoshoot

Jessica Chastain naked (covered) - GQ UK (January 2013)

Maria Menounos Spray Tan Video in her Bikini and other Daily Links

. *Maria Menounos* Spray Tan Video in her Bikini (Laxtime) *Nicole
Scherzinger*'s White Panties Upskirt (Taxi Driver Movie) *Kelly Preston* from
Mischief (Nudography) *Michelle Keegan* – bikini candids (Hot Busty Celebs)
*Alice Eve* Shows Promise In Bikini Pics (CelebJihad) Homeless Looking *Paz
De La Huerta* Flashing Her Tits (Peeperz) *Susann* - White Shirt (Sensual
Girls) Big titted *Liana* (Tempting Angels) Busty *Carol* (Pure And Sexy)
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Lucy Pinder naked

Lucy Pinder topless, naked - Nuts photoshoot

Nicole Sjoberg Gets Naked By The Pool

*Playboy Cybergirl Nicole Sjoberg* is the voice of her generation. Born in
Calgary, Alberta, the black-haired diva is a model and pop-rock singer based
in the entertainment capital of Los Angeles, California. She comes from a
talented family – her mother was Beverly Sjoberg, an opening act for Aretha
Franklin, and her grandfather was professional wrestler Lou Sjoberg, "I
grew up in and around the entertainment industry, and we moved around a lot.
I was enrolled at more than twenty different schools. Later on, my mother
died, and I didn't have any other family – so you could say that I
learned to adapt at a young age." But Nicole believes that adversity has
given her character. "You can't control everything in life, but you can
control your own thoughts and actions," she says. "I want to enjoy
everything that life has to offer, and it doesn't get much bigger than
Playboy. The pictorials are so tasteful. They really know how to celebrate a
woman's beauty." When she's not working, Nicole spends time with her
friends. "I have more guy friends than girlfriends," says Nicole.
"It's great, because I can just hang out in my sweatpants, and we can go
to the bar, watch the fights or a Lakers game. But I have a lot of fun with
my girlfriends. All of my friends are like family, but they're like my
sisters – they aren't afraid to let their hair down or their makeup
run." Nicole is in a relationship, and she's in it for the long run.
"You know when you find the right person – someone who respects you and
understands you. There's nothing better than coming home to that person
after a long day, having a glass of wine and watching a movie on the couch.
And a relationship doesn't have to be boring – if both of you are
open-minded, then the fun has just begun." Nicole Sjoberg Bio Measurements:
32B-25-33 Height: 5′ 6″ Weight: 112 lbs Birthplace: Los Angeles, CA
Birthday: July 19, 1985 See more of Nicole Sjoberg nude inside Playboy Plus.
Join NIcole Sjoberg at Playboy

Monday, November 26, 2012

Hot Links

. *Nicole Scherzinger*'s White Panties Upskirt (Taxi Driver Movie) *Kelly
Preston* from Mischief (Nudography) *Megan Fox* is a Sci Fi Goddess (Laxtime)
Homeless Looking *Paz De La Huerta* Flashing Her Tits (Peeperz) *Kim
Kardashian* – DuJour Magazine Launch Party (Hot Busty Celebs) *iCarly* On
Air Nip Slip Video (CelebJihad) *Ashley Smith* topless photoshooting
(Paparazzigr) *Barbara Palvin* in sexy lingerie once again… 'nuff said!
(Brosome) *Hannah May* | Bambi Magazine by Paul Larson MQ Photo Shoot
(ITR2010) *The Ultimate Girls* Fail Compilation 2012 (YesBitch)
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Michea Crawford – Pain de Sucre Swimwear Photoshoot

Michea Crawford wearing bikini - a photoshoot for Pain de Sucre Swimwear

Christina Milian – Bello Magazine

Christina Milian in the pages of Bello Magazine (2012 issue #39)

Playboy Babe – Victoria James

Victoria James - Tropical Temptress Photoshoot

Laura Christie Pulls Her Shirt Up to Show Her Boobs

When you get a good look at *Laura Christie*, you see that you are looking at
a rare beauty. The lovely young brunette exudes so much charm and grace that
your eyes can't help but be drawn to her slender curves of soft, radiant
skin. Dressed in tiny bikini bottoms and a thin cut off t-shirt that barely
covers her sweet breasts, your eyes want to caress every inch of her skin.
Laura Christie has the kind of sensuality that makes men go to war or build
rockets. Looking at her tells you all the many reasons why this lovely lady
is a *Playboy Amateur* and you can see that is only the beginning of what is
sure to become a long and amazingly successful career. Enjoy more nude photos
of Laura Christie inside the Playboy Cyberclub Join Laura Christie at Playboy

Jennifer Rovero Playboy Playmate July 1999

*Jennifer Rovero* is the *Playboy Playmate* for July 1999. Jennifer shows up
at a West Los Angeles restaurant the way she shows up most places these days:
dressed down in a T-shirt and denim overalls and accompanied by her best
friend and roommate, Stacy Sanches. The two women share a wicked but
inscrutable sense of humor and are convinced they'd make great MTV
co-hosts. But first, Miss July, Jennifer Rovero, has to learn the Playboy
ropes from Stacy, the 1996 Playmate of the Year. It's a new world for
Jennifer, who spent her childhood traveling between Venezuela (where her
parents lived, though her mother is English), Texas, California and Florida.
Evidence on these pages to the contrary, Jennifer says she's "just an
average girl from Jacksonville who got lucky." But when she adds that she
feels uncomfortable signing autographs, her friend laughs. "You're a
Playmate now," Stacy reminds her. "Get used to it." /Q: Are you ready
for the attention? / A: Well, I've always been an actress. Growing up, I
acted out things at home, always liked attention. When I was 13, I started
entering beauty contests. They were nothing big, just little local pageants,
but I went from contest to contest, picking up $500 here, $500 there.
[Laughs.] I've been in bathing suits way too long. /Q: And now you're in
less than that. Are your friends in Jacksonville surprised, or did they
expect this? / A: My friends in Florida always knew I wanted to get out of
there, so they're excited for me. My guy friends are freaking. /Q: Why did
you want to leave Florida? / A: I like a fast-paced life, and Jacksonville is
sort of a business town. I still love it because of my friends, but I don't
really fit in there anymore. Everybody there says I've gone Hollywood, but
I haven't. I have just learned a lot of new things, and grown up a lot. /Q:
How did you hook up with Playboy? / A: I was at a Hawaiian Tropic
International contest, and I went up to the Playboy people and told them they
ought to shoot in Venezuela, because it's so beautiful. And Arny Freytag,
the photographer, said, "Why don't we shoot you there?" So it was like
a Forrest Gump thing — I just wandered into it. At first I didn't take it
seriously. Anybody who knows me will tell you I don't take anything very
seriously. But then I realized that it's really hard to be chosen by
Playboy, and I should be proud of it and get serious about it. /Q: Where do
you want to go from here? / A: My goals are to be an actress and a model. But
when it comes down to it, nothing is as important as being a mom. Family is
really important to me. I keep forgetting that I'm only 20 years old — I
guess I don't need to rush things. Jennifer Rovero Bio Name: Jennifer
Rovero Birthplace: Austin, Texas Bust: 34B Waist: 24 Hips: 34 Height: 5′
8″ Weight: 120 lbs Ambitions: To write short stories. I have a lot of
material in my head, I need to get it on paper. Turn-Ons: Quick-witted,
well-read men. Also men who have a strong sense of individuality. Turnoffs:
People who are close-minded or who have a lot of insecurities. Phobias: Not
being able to make something out of all my creativity. Words To Live By:
–Avoid hatred, avoid any kind of mischief and jealousy. Clear your head and
live! I Judge A Man By: The way he carries himself, by the small details that
make all the difference See more of Jennifer Rovero nude at the Playboy
Cyberclub. Join Jennifer Rovero at Playboy Plus

Greys Anatomy’s Ellen Pompeo’s Boobs in a See Thru Top and other Daily Links

. Greys Anatomy's *Ellen Pompeo*'s Boobs in a See Thru Top (Taxi Driver
Movie) strong>Megan Fox is a Sci Fi Goddess (Laxtime) *Ling Bai* from Locked
Down (Nudography) *Kim Kardashian* – DuJour Magazine Launch Party (Hot
Busty Celebs) *iCarly* On Air Nip Slip Video (CelebJihad) There's A *Emma
Stone* Sex Tape Floating Around In The Universe (Peeperz) *Janine* - Sirens
(Sensual Girls) *Teen girl* with big boobies (Tempting Angels) Busty
*Polayna* (Pure And Sexy) *Carlye Denise* – Vintage Voyeur Photoshoot (TBB)
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Carlye Denise Playboy Cybergirl November 2012

*Playboy Cybergirl Carlye Denise* will take you by the horns. She's got
blonde hair, brown eyes and a stunning pair of natural DD breasts. She's a
model and dental hygiene student at Tarrant County College in Dallas, Texas.
"I was born in Abilene," she says. "We lived there for about fourteen
years, and then moved about two hundred miles to New Braunfels, where I went
to high school." But New Braunfels just wasn't for her – it was too
small a town for a girl with such a big personality. "My parents didn't
really take care of me," she says. "I thought that I could take care of
myself, so I moved out. But I was in a bad relationship, and after a while, I
decided that it was time to move on." Tired of small-town living, Carlye
packed her bags and shipped herself off to Dallas, Texas, where she landed a
job as a bartender. She fast became a regular on the bar scene, and was hired
as a waitress at Twin Peaks, a popular 'breastaurant' in nearby Addison.
She waited tables full-time, was promoted to corporate store opener and
started doing modeling on the side. Before she knew it, she had more modeling
work than franchises to open – and the opportunity to be on Playboy Plus,
first as a Playboy Coed and now as a Playboy Cybergirl. She's a busy girl,
but when she has free time, Carlye spends it at the lake, wakeboarding with
the guys and sunning her buns with the girls. "On Friday and Saturday we
hit the clubs, and on Sunday I take it easy in front of a UFC game with my
boyfriend," she says. All in all, Carlye has it made. "I'm very happy
with my life – and with Playboy," she says. "I love my body, and
Playboy really does a woman's body justice." Caryle Denise Bio
Measurements: 32DD-26-32 Height: 5′ 4″ Weight: 110 lbs Birthplace:
Dallas, Texas Birthday: November 12, 1991 See more of Carlye Denise nude at
the Playboy Cyberclub. Join Carlye Denise at Playboy

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Alice Eve – bikini candids

Alice Eve - wearing a bikini at a beach in Miami

Playboy Babe – Laura Christie

Laura Christie - Summer Twist Photoshoot

Rebecca Carter Bares Her Beautiful Body

No one can say that *Playboy Cybergirl Rebecca Carter* doesn't have an
incredible body. This busty babe knows how to fill out lingerie very well
with that curvaceous figure of hers. Not only does this black bra and panties
set look stunning on her, but those panties have a little secret. Once she
turns around, it's very clear that her ass is on display and she's more
than willing to stick it out for you! She slips her lingerie off and lays her
gorgeous body against the floor. The fuzzy rug feels so soft against her bare
skin – just watching her writhe around is enough to send someone over the
edge! This brunette bombshell isn't going anywhere, so be ready for more
pictorials from this sexy Cybergirl. Enjoy more nude photos of Rebecca Carter
inside the Playboy Cyberclub Join Rebecca Carter at Playboy

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Lucia Lachovicova Looks Sexy Stripping Out of Red Silks

*Playboy International* models always have such an exotic look about them.
It's always a pleasure seeing what the beauties of other nations look like
from head to toe. These pictures of Slovak sweetie *Lucia Lachovicova* give
you an awesome look into just how gorgeous Euro babes can be. Red is an
incredible color on Lucia Lachovicova – it's so vibrant, sexual,
aggressive. The moment you see her unwrap her thin flowy skirt to expose that
mid-section down her thighs, it's going to take your breath away. Her thin
yet curvaceous figure entices the senses, wanting you to join her, experience
her. It's hard to find a flaw on such a beautiful piece of art. Lucia
Lachovicova bio Measurements: 36C-25-36 Height: 5′ 4″ Birthplace:
Bratislava, Slovakia Birthday: December 30, 1988 Enjoy more nude photos of
Lucia Lachovicova inside the Playboy Cyberclub Join Lucia Lachovicova at

Liz Betzen in Playboy’s Thanksgiving Special Presentation November 2012

Here at *Playboy Blog* we're very thankful for the beauties that Playboy
puts out in their pictorials. They're always top notch hotties, including
the blonde babe in their Thanksgiving Day Special. *Playboy Cybergirl Liz
Betzen* donned some jean cutoffs, fringed suede vest, and some heels for one
hot outdoors shoot. With as hot as it is out there in the desert, it's no
surprise that this minx was ready to take her clothes off. She lost them all
so she could feel the whir of the bike right next to her flesh. Her picture
perfect body lays sprawled out on the bike – the lines and curves of her
body melding with the motorcycle. There's something incredibly erotic about
the tough, hard machine being saddled by this soft, nude, female form. If
this series of pictures doesn't give you something to be thankful for, then
we're not sure what will! Liz Betzen bio Measurements: 34B-25-36 Height:
5′ 9″ Weight: 125 lbs Birthplace: Altamont, Kansas Birthday: April 04,
1987 Enjoy more nude photos of Liz Betzen inside the Playboy Cyberclub Join
Liz Betzen at Playboy

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. *Kim Kardashian* – DuJour Magazine Launch Party (Hot Busty Celebs)
*Jennifer Nicole Lee* See Thru Pokies with No Bra (Taxi Driver Movie) *Megan
Fox* is a Sci Fi Goddess (Laxtime) *Ling Bai* from Locked Down (Nudography)
*iCarly* On Air Nip Slip Video (CelebJihad) Sexy YouTube Spotlight: *Necks?*
(Peeperz) *Lady Gaga* Cake Teaser Photoshoot (Paparazzigr) *Jennifer Hawkins*
will make you feel weak at the knees (Brosome) *Kitty Lea* by Frank White
Aug. 2008 UHQ Photo Shoot (ITR2010) *Paz De La Huerta* Nude Video for Flaunt
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Nina Agdal – Yeni Inci Lingerie

Nina Agdal wearing lingerie - Yeni Inci Photoshoot (2012/2013)

Friday, November 23, 2012

Ciara Price Slips Off Her Fishnets and Lingerie

Buxom blonde *Playboy Playmate Ciara Price* has found herself alone in the
living room, down to just her bra and fishnets. What a tease this beauty is
– those stockings letting you see some of her flawless fair skin as well as
obscuring what is visible. Her lingerie plays peek-a-boo with you just as
much as she does – giving you glimpses here and there until she's ready
to expose herself. She's no stranger to taking it all off and loves the
attention she gets from it. Her fingers fiddle with her bra, unclasping it
and letting it fall before her. Her large plush breasts are breath taking.
We've all got our eyes on her as she slips off her stockings. She doesn't
wait to show you just what she's made of – from stunning face to her
incredible tits, between her thighs and down those legs – it's no
surprise that this babe made it as a Playmate! Enjoy more nude photos of
Ciara Price inside the Playboy Cyberclub Join Ciara Price at Playboy

Rihanna – Unapologetic Uncensored Cover

Rihanna topless - Unapologetic cover - uncensored

Megan Fox is a Sci Fi Goddess and other Daily Links

. *Megan Fox* is a Sci Fi Goddess (Laxtime) *Jennifer Nicole Lee* See Thru
Pokies with No Bra (Taxi Driver Movie) *Ling Bai* from Locked Down
(Nudography) *Salma Hayek* – cleavy at Bambi Awards Gala (HBC) *iCarly* On
Air Nip Slip Video (CelebJihad) There's A *Emma Stone* Sex Tape Floating
Around In The Universe (Peeperz) *Janine* - Sirens (Sensual Girls) *Teen
girl* with big boobies (Tempting Angels) Busty *Polayna* (Pure And Sexy)
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Pixie Geldof – topless photoshoot candids

Pixie Geldof topless - photoshoot candids on the beach in Miami