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Rebecca Scott Playboy Playmate August 1999

*Rebecca Scott* is the *Playboy Playmate* for August 1999. Rebecca Scott has
the greatest laugh. It's a deep, rumbling guffaw that she generously serves
up during most conversations – even when she's explaining, in all
seriousness, that she's going to become a rock star. Amps, guitars, the
whole nine yards. Just you wait. Listening to her, you begin to think it's
not such a far-fetched notion that this Anna Nicole Smith look-alike in a
black motorcycle jacket may someday headline Madison Square Garden. "I want
to go onstage wearing leather pants, a little leather top and leather boots,
with explosions and crazy lights behind me," she tells us with infectious
conviction. "I want to rock!" /Playboy: Name the first rock group that
made you say, "I have to do that!"/ Rebecca: Aerosmith. When I was 16
years old, I saw them in concert at Alpine Valley in Wisconsin. I snuck up to
the first row and snapped a bunch of pictures. It was wild. Melissa Etheridge
is a huge influence, as is Sammy Hagar. I love his music and want to write
songs like his. I know that Eighties rock is coming back. /Playboy: What
inspires your lyrics?/ Rebecca: Personal experience. Some of my songs are
about love, and some are just fun kick-back-and-party songs. /Playboy: Do you
have any onstage horror stories?/ Rebecca: I sang at a bar called Lucky's
when I was 21. I was so bad that they turned off the mike. I was onstage
jamming, but I was so inexperienced I couldn't tell no one could hear me.
I'm more seasoned now. /Playboy: Which high school clique were you in?/
Rebecca: [Laughs] My freshman year i tried to be a burnout because I thought
it would be cool. I wore concert T-shirts and tried to smoke cigarettes in
the girls' bathroom, but smoking made me sick. Junior year I ended my
burnout phase and concentrated on basketball, baseball and gymnastics.
/Playboy: Did you have a lot of boyfriends?/ Rebecca: No. I didn't date
anyone until I was almost 18. /Playboy: Really?/ Rebecca: I swear. I was
still playing with Barbie dolls when my friends were having sex. I was like,
"Oh, am I supposed to start playing with guys now?" I was a late bloomer
physically, too. I was really skinny with no boobs. My sophomore year I went
from size A boobs to size C. /Playboy: Who was the first guy you were
sexually attracted to?/ Rebecca: Because I'm really into comic books and
cartoons, when I was ten I had a huge crush on He-Man. I watched Masters of
the Universe and saw a bunch of muscular guys and women. That's when I
formed my opinion of what women should look like – voluptuous and healthy.
I draw comic book characters who look that way, too. /Playboy: How did your
current boyfriend win you over?/ Rebecca: He has a really sexy singing voice.
Rebecca Scott Bio Name: Rebecca Scott Birthplace: Kenosha, Wisconsin Bust:
38D Waist: 28 Hips: 38 Height: 5′ 8″ Weight: 140 lbs Ambitions: To pursue
a successful singing career. To one day have my own holistic practice.
Turn-Ons: Good music, great food and strong sense of humor and beautiful
eyes. Turnoffs: Poor hygiene, no sense of humor, and slackers! Words To Live
By: –Learn to live in the present, we can't change the past, and the
future is just our imagination. Most Frightening Experience: The first time I
sang in front of an audience. I Like To Be Surrounded By: Flowers, sunlight,
fun people and lots of love. Sex Begins With: A long wet passionate kiss. See
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