Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cristy Nicole Playboy Coed of the Week December 28

*Cristy Nicole* is the *Playboy Coed* of the Week for December 28. Cristy
finishes off a sexy year of Playboy Coeds lets hope 2011 is just as hot.
Cristy is studying Spanish at Texas A&M University. Playboy Q&A with Cristy
Nicole /Playboy: Spanish major, huh? What's your definition of "macho?"
/ Cristy: Tall and muscular with big, rough… hands. And while I love a man
with a clean-shaven face I also love body hair. Drop the wax and razors,
guys, and leave that sexy chest hair alone! / Playboy: What career path will
you follow after graduation? / Cristy: I plan on becoming a high school
Spanish teacher. I want to promote the importance of learning a second
language and becoming more globally aware. /Playboy: That's very noble. Are
you equally dedicated to your studies? / Cristy: Yes. I'm in the honors
college so most of my time outside of class is spent with my nose in the
books. But when I do get the chance to go out, I like to go dancing with my
friends. Cristy Nicole Bio Measurements: 32A-24-35 Height: 5'7″ Weight:
115 lbs Date of Birth: April 23, 1992 School: Texas A&M University Major:
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